New LDC Group submission on NAPs

Nepal on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group has made a submission to the UNFCCC on National Adaptation Plans.

It is also available on this website’s submissions page.

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New LDC Group submission on further guidance to the LDC Fund

Nepal on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group has made a submission to the UNFCCC on further guidance to the Least Developed Countries Fund.

It is also available on this website’s submissions page.

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Q&A with RTCC: LDCs on UN climate talks

LDC Group Chair Mr. Prakash Mathema has been interviewed by RTCC on the hopes and fears of the world’s poorest for a UN climate deal.

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New LDC Group Submission on Methodological Issues under the Kyoto Protocol

Nepal on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group has made a submission to the UNFCCC on Methodological Issues under the Kyoto Protocol including Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry under Article 3.3 and 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol, and the Clean Development Mechanism.

It is also available on this website’s submissions page.

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Meeting of LDC representatives held on the sidelines of NAP Expo 2014

On the sidelines of NAP Expo 2014 held in Bonn, Germany from 8 to 9 August 2014, Mr. Prakash Mathema, Chair of the LDC Group, convened a meeting of LDC representatives to discuss the upcoming UN Climate Summit (23 September 2014, New York) and how LDCs should proactively engage at the Summit. More than forty participants were in attendance.

During the opening session of the NAP Expo, Mr. Mathema also gave a keynote address on Evolution of Adaptation: Needs and Gaps for the LDCs. He spoke about the evolution of adaptation in the UN Climate Change regime and highlighted the needs and gaps from the perspective of the LDCs. Summarizing his presentation, he said that much had been done in the area of adaptation but more needs to be achieved in the days to come. Mr. Mathema also gave a special interview to Climate Action Network South Asia for their online news reporting.

Details on NAP Expo can be found at the following link:

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LDC Strategy Meeting held in conjunction with SBI/SBSTA 40 and ADP 2-5

LDC Group Chair Mr. Prakash Mathema (Nepal) convened a Strategy Meeting on 8 June 2014 (Bonn, Germany), to take stock of progress of ongoing discussions in the SBI/SBSTA-40 and ADP-2-5 and further develop LDC positions. In attendance were the Group’s Core Team members and other key negotiators.

Major points covered at the meeting included the scope and nature of the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, and the overall 2015 Agreement including its legal nature. Participants spoke about the inclusion of adaptation in the Agreement as critical. Discussions equally touched upon the financial architecture of the future climate regime, and key issues for LDCs in this regard – including the question of the future of the Least Developed Countries Fund. The topics of technology development and transfer as well as capacity building also came under discussion. Finally, participants deliberated about how to further strengthen Group coordination in the various negotiation streams.

Overall, the feedback from the Strategy Meeting was positive.

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Press release: The LDC Group calls for the foundations of the Paris agreement to be agreed in Lima

17 June 2014: Bonn, Germany

UN climate change negotiations concluded today after two weeks of discussions in Bonn, Germany. Central to the talks was the continuing dialogue on establishing a universal, legally-binding agreement on climate change. From the outset, the Chair of the Least Developed Countries Group, Mr. Prakash Mathema, stressed that substantial progress was needed to ensure that a legal agreement is reached in Paris, December 2015. As talks suspend, Mathema notes progress but warns that time is running out.

Mathema emphasized the need to get to work when talks commence in October this year. “We hope that we will advance on elements for a draft negotiating text to be agreed in the major climate change meeting later this year in Lima, Peru. This means that the coming months of climate change talks are critical. We cannot be delayed by procedural discussions. We must put our heads together and start drafting the new agreement.”

All Parties are requested to come forward by the first quarter of 2015 with substantive proposals on how they will contribute to the 2015 agreement. “The LDC Group appreciates the efforts that Parties are undertaking to ensure climate change is adequately and urgently addressed. We welcome the progress made here in Bonn for advancing work on both process and substance towards this goal, but we must do more. We have only 18 months left before we must adopt the agreement, which is a very little time in the international negotiation processes” says Mathema.

He also said that Parties must meet three milestones in Lima, in order to be able to adopt the new Agreement in Paris:

“A decision defining the information nations should present when putting forward their contributions to the 2015 climate agreement; a decision defining the key elements that the agreement should include; and a mandate to negotiate the new agreement within the strongest legal form possible and to be adopted by Parties in Paris”. He also indicates that meeting these milestones will give the poorest and most vulnerable nations some assurance that we are on the right path to address climate impacts effectively. Mathema reminded all, “reaching a strong conclusion in Paris is crucial for us; it is about the very survival of our communities and future generations. If there is no progress, we stand to lose the most.”

The UN climate change negotiations will recommence on 20th October in Bonn, Germany.

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