LDCs insist on climate finance road map

The following report from TckTckTck’s daily coverage of COP18 covers today’s press conference by the Least Developed Countries group. You can watch the full press conference on the UNFCCC’s website’s on-demand webcast page.

It was great to have a chance to hear what Zambia’s David Kaluba had to say about climate finance in the press conference for the Least Developed Countries just completed.

As a member of the Board of the Green Climate Fund, Kaluba represents one of the few telling achievements of recent years – an international fund with balanced governance between the beneficiaries and the providers.

The snag is that there’s no money in the GCF for Kaluba and his colleagues to distribute. A picture is emerging as to how the LDCs intend to exert their leverage to ensure this COP corrects that situation.

Evans Njewa from Malawi explained that agreement on a climate finance roadmap will be a condition for LDCs to play their part in a successful outcome of COP18. The current scenario in which the fast start period of support ends next month and the promised $100 billion per annum doesn’t arrive until 2020 is not tenable.

Instead of the trendy “cliff” image, Kaluba described this as an 8-year drought before the “river” starts flowing.

The LDCs have suggested a rolling schedule to bridge the gap in which baseline commitments must be made by the richer countries for 2013-2015 and 2015-2020 and beyond.

“We need clarity at the COP,” said Kaluba. ” we must be clear that nothing is being hidden in terminologies.”

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