Summary of LDC group’s COP18 media and outreach activities

The LDC Group engaged in a burst of media and other outreach activities during the final three months of 2012. This included publishing 21 new posts on this website, increased use of Twitter by the LDC Chair, distributing several press releases to thousands of journalists, and holding a series of press briefings during the COP18 conference in Doha.

The LDC Chair published an open letter to President Obama in the Guardian newspaper, co-authored a briefing paper on the COP18 negotiations and took part in an hour-long press event with an audience of 70 journalists from around the world. The event was webcast live and is available on-demand.

Media coverage for the LDC Group / Chair includes articles in at least 21 countries (Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Guyana, Italy, Malaysia, Namibia, Nepal, Qatar, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe) .  A selection of links to media articles about the LDC Group follows…

United Kingdom Superstorm Sandy blows up into climate talks issue Financial Times-Dec 7, 2012

United Kingdom Climate Talks Go Into Overtime Daily Express-Dec 7, 2012

United Kingdom Climate Talks Go Into Overtime Belfast Telegraph-Dec 7, 2012

Zimbabwe Parties deeply divided as UN climate talks near end The Zimbabwean-Dec 7, 2012

United Kingdom Climate Talks Go Into Overtime MSN News-Dec 7, 2012

United Kingdom Tensions mount as UN climate talks near end The Guardian-Dec 7, 2012

Bangladesh BD needs $1.27b investment to face climate change impacts Financial Express- Nov 15, 2012

United Kingdom EU climate aid promises fail to unlock U.N. deal in Doha  Reuters AlertNet – Dec 6, 2012

United Kingdom China demands timetable to $100 billion climate aid for developing world  Reuters News Agency – Dec 5, 2012

Guyana Poor nations dismayed by looming climate aid gap Stabroek News – Nov 12, 2012

Malaysia LDCs challenge Obama on climate change Sin Chew- Nov 14, 2012

United Kingdom Poor nations dismayed by looming climate aid gap Reuters – Nov 11, 2012

Tanzania Divided UN climate talks optimistic to strike a deal  The Citizen DailyDec 9, 2012

Qatar UN climate talks go into overtime in Qatar Aljazeera.comDec 7, 2012

United Kingdom EU climate aid promises fail to unlock U.N. deal in Doha Engineering and Technology, Dec 7, 2012

United Kingdom Most vulnerable nation urged not to sign weak climate deal Responding to Climate ChangeDec 7, 2012

United States Clashes over financing threat UN climate talks NorthJersey.comDec 5, 2012

Zambia Environment: Poor countries seek separate funds to deal with loss and damage Afrique en Ligue

India Doha Summit: LDCs side with developed countries over equity Zee NewsDec 5, 2012

Australia Doha(rd) 2012: should we ditch the UN climate process? CrikeyDec 9, 2012

Australia EU fails to deliver on climate aid pledges Sydney Morning Herald – Nov 14, 2012

France A Doha, nouveau fiasco pour le climat après une folle nuit de Le MondeDec 8, 2012

Nepal Nepal takes lead on LDC RepublicaDec 6, 2012

Germany Klimagipfel in Doha Viel Kohle statt Zusagen taz.deDec 5, 2012

United States From Small Island States to Largest Polluters, “Everyone Is Looking Democracy NowDec 5, 2012

France AFP: EU, US rule out climate funding pledges in Doha AFPDec 5, 2012

South Africa CLIMATE CHANGE: When adaptation does not work IRINnews.orgNov 29, 2012

SpainLa insuficiente ayuda financiera mantiene el bloqueo en la cumbre del clima La VanguardiaDec 6, 2012

France Climat: nos poches sont vides, disent l’UE et Washington aux pays du Sud Le Nouvel ObservateurDec 5, 2012

Portugal Longa é a noite | DNOTICIAS.PT Diário de Notícias – FunchalDec 7, 2012

France AFP: Climat: les négociations tirent en longueur à Doha AFPDec 7, 2012

Colombia Se espera una prórroga de Kyoto El ColombianoDec 7, 2012

United States UN Climate Talks: Aid To Developing Countries Disputed On Final Huffington PostDec 7, 2012

United States Poor countries demand action at UN climate talks FederalNewsRadio.comDec 6, 2012

United States US Shows Signs of Flexibility at UN Climate Discussions BloombergDec 5, 2012

France Les négociations sur le climat dans l’impasse à Doha, Actualités Les ÉchosDec 6, 2012

Brazil Atribuladas, negociações em Doha avançam além do previsto Terra BrasilDec 7, 2012

Denmark Klimamøde trues af fiasko DR NordjyllandDec 6, 2012

France Environnement : le climat montré du Doha Jeune AfriqueDec 5, 2012

France La Chine demande un calendrier précis pour les financements … Actualités News EnvironnementDec 6, 2012

Namibia Open letter to President Obama New Era – Nov 14, 2012

Turkey Dünya’nın en yoksul ülkelerinden Başkan Obama’ya açık mektup Yesil Gazette – Nov 11, 2012

Malaysia EU fails to fill cash gap as climate talks loom The Star- Nov 14, 2012

Nepal An open letter to President Obama from the world’s poorest countries  New Spotlight – Nov 14, 2012

United States Will We See a Greener President During Obama’s Second and Final Term? Huffington Post – Nov 9, 2012

Malaysia LDCs Challenge Obama On Climate Change Bernama Nov 14, 2012

Italy Lettera a Obama dei Paesi poveri: Agisca contro cambiamenti clima  La Stampa Nov 9, 2012

South Africa Looming climate aid gap on the horizon IoL – Nov 13, 2012

United Kingdom EU fails to fill cash gap as climate talks loom Yahoo! News – Nov 13, 2012

United Kingdom EU fails to fill cash gap as climate talks loom Reuters – Nov 13, 2012

South AfricaClimate aid gap dismays poor nations – Nov12, 2012

South Africa CHANGEMENT CLIMATIQUE: Quand l’adaptation ne fonctionne pas IRINnews.orgDec 3, 2012

United States An Open Letter to Obama from the World’s Poorest Countries Earth Island Journal – Nov 9, 2012

Germany “Wir müssen mehr Länder mit ins Boot nehmen” Das Parlament – Nov 9, 2012


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