LDC group statement at closing of SBI 39

Closing of the thirty-ninth session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI 39)

Statement by Nepal on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group  

16 November 2013, Warsaw, Poland

Mr Chair, Nepal has the honour to speak on behalf of the Group of 49 least developed countries. I would like to associate myself with the statement made by Fiji on behalf of G77 and China, Swaziland on behalf of the Africa Group, and Nauru on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States.

Mr Chair, the LDCs left Doha with a strong hope of seeing the launch of the Warsaw international mechanism on loss and damage. It is really disconcerting and discouraging to witness the reluctance of some negotiating partners going back on the decision we agreed after long and difficult negotiation hours in Doha.

We have not finalized the negotiations on loss and damage. The LDCs would like to request the SBI to extend and give more time for Parties to negotiate until the final draft is ready for submission to the COP. The LDCs call for a clear decision on loss and damage as mandated by COP18. We are ready to continue negotiations on this issue in a constructive manner.

We stress the importance of adaptation, NAPs and means for implementing our long term adaptation needs.

We need to maintain the momentum on NAPs and look forward to the initiation of NAPs formulation. We urge all other Parties, partners and the LEG to continue to support NAPs for LDCs. We look forward to hearing experiences from LDCs in the coming year regarding the application of the initial guidelines for formulation of NAPs.

We re-emphasize that the full “NAPs process” should includes the “implementation of NAPs” in addition to the “formulation of NAPs”, and hope to start work towards how the full NAPs process is implemented and supported.

We thank all Parties for their support and urge enhanced contributions to the LDCF. We thank the LEG for their support to LDCs. We also thank UNEP and UNDP for their support to LDCs through the Global Support Programme.

On the CGE, the Group is concerned by the lack of progress under the agenda item relating to the CGE and the issue related to the technical team of experts for the international consultancy and analysis. Considering the importance and the role of the CGE in supporting the preparation of National Communication and Biannual Update Reports, we are of the view that the CGE should be given a longer mandate so that they continue to provide assistance to the countries within this group.

Regarding the review of the CDM guidelines, we welcome the progress achieved here in Warsaw and the consolidated but non-exhaustive list of suggested changes to the modalities and procedures for the CDM. We look forward to progressing on this agenda item at the next session.

We thank you, Mr Chair, for the work you conducted during your mandate as the SBI chair and look forward to continuing to collaborate with you in the UNFCCC process.

Thank you.


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