On behalf of the Group of Least Developed Countries it is my pleasure to provide this introduction to our group and its work and activities.

The LDC Group represents the 48 nations that are especially vulnerable to climate change at the UN climate change negotiations, where we cooperate to achieve constructive and multilaterally-based solutions to the global challenge of climate change.

With successful conclusion late last year of the Paris Agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the work of the LDC Group has entered an important new phase. We are committed to continuing the momentum of the Paris Conference to further strengthen implementation of the Convention and ensure the swift entry into force of the Paris Agreement.

With the Paris Agreement as an important milestone, we also recognise that major additional efforts are required to put the global community on a pathway towards a safer future. We will continue offer leadership and cooperation to pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels, recognizing this will significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.

As LDC Chair I look forward to working with all concerned towards continuing success in our common efforts to tackle climate change. We hope you find the information contained on this website useful, and we look forward to continued dialogue and support.

With best regards,

Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu


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