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Press release: LDC Chair responds to the UNFCCC INDCs synthesis

The UNFCCC today released their synthesis of the INDCs submitted by the UNFCCC 1st October deadline, available here.

Chair of the LDC Group, Mr Giza Gaspar-Martins of Angola said of the synthesis: “Today’s analysis from the UNFCCC shows the urgent need to address the lack of ambition within nationally determined plans of countries. The current plans will only slow emissions by a third, which is clearly not enough to keep us within safe limits. Governments must do more in Paris, but the work does not end there. For the INDCs to succeed they must be adjusted before 2020 and reviewed in five year cycles from 2020 to ensure national actions quickly and rapidly progresses, or we all face a grim and uncertain future.”

Giza added: “The current plans to mitigate GHG emissions do not keep us even within a temperature rise of 2°C. However from the Least Developed Countries’ perspective, it is far worse than that. For 48 of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries, economic development, regional food security and ecosystems are at risk in this 2°C ‘safe zone’. So we once again call on the world to grow its ambition for a 1.5°C target.”

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LDC press release: Paris must not be the beginning of the end

Bonn, 19 October 2015: Developed and wealthy nations must allow their policies to reflect the magnitude and urgency of action needed to tackle climate change, thus allowing a serious boost in ambition in this last round of climate negotiations before December Paris UN talks, say the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Group.

An encouraging number of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) – the country plans to tackle climate change – have been submitted, 123 in total, which includes the EU bloc.

However there are fears that the current INDCs are unfortunately still a race to the bottom. The level of ambition contained within the country climate change plans put the world on a 2.7°C pathway but the LDCs are calling for a 1.5°C world, as anything higher exposes our nations to irreversible changes in the climate system.

While participation is at an unprecedented level, the LDCs also have grave concerns that too much emphasis is still on the process and communication of the INDCs, rather than the actual implementation of the plans.

The Chair of the 48-member LDC Group at the negotiations, Mr. Giza Gaspar-Martins of Angola said:  Read the rest of this entry »

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Press release: LDCs push for accelerated progress in final stages of UN climate negotiations

Bonn, 31 August 2015: The penultimate climate negotiation sessions start today in Bonn, ahead of Paris’ landmark UN talks in December where the world’s governments are expected to adopt a new legal agreement on climate change.

The Chair of the 48-member Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group at the negotiations, Mr. Giza Gaspar-Martins of Angola said: “Progress in our technical negotiations on the new agreement has been far too slow. Now, there are only ten negotiating days left before the Paris COP. The LDCs believe a strong outcome can be reached this December, but this will require all of us to double efforts and ambition for success during these final months. We stand ready to work with our partners at this critical point of negotiations. ” Read the rest of this entry »

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LDC Group statement at opening of ADP 2-6

Sixth meeting of the Second Session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP 2-6)

Opening statement by Nepal on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group

20 October 2014, Bonn, Germany

Co-chairs, Minister Pulgar-Vidal, Madam Executive Secretary and colleagues, I have the honour to speak on behalf of the LDC Group. I would like to align my statement with the statements made by Bolivia on behalf of G77 and China, by Sudan on behalf of the Africa Group, and by Nauru on behalf of AOSIS.

We thank the Secretariat for the preparations made for this meeting, and also thank the government and people of Germany for their warm hospitality.

We are grateful for your continued efforts to keep us up-to-date throughout the inter-session period. The documents prepared by you have been very useful, and will help us to progress here in Bonn and in Lima.

This October ADP meeting plays a decisive role in our work towards the 2015 agreement. During the next six days, we have to discuss issues of upmost importance related to both the pre-2020 and post-2020 negotiation processes. Parties should build upon commonalities and work towards narrowing divergent views. Therefore, we urge all Parties to make the best use of the time available at this session. Read the rest of this entry »

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