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LDC COP18 Side event: National Adaptation Planning Processes in Least Developed Countries

Date: Friday 30 November 2012

Time: 8.15 pm – 9.45 pm followed by refreshments

Location: Side Event: Room No. 4, Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha

How are Least Developed Countries (LDCs) mainstreaming climate adaptation in their development planning while factoring in climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation? This joint Gambia/IIED side event will focus on answering that question drawing on research by IIED and LDC countries.

There are many challenges countries encounter in mainstreaming climate change, which range from securing financing for funding climate adaptation work and developing the appropriate technology and skills. IIED will share its findings from a study-in-progress of a Pilot programme for climate resilience (under the Climate Investment Funds) and cross-country workshop (held in Tanzania) on mainstreaming climate change in development planning.

The panel discussion will give LDC representatives an opportunity to present their current experience in national adaptation planning processes with a view to assess their effectiveness and further needs for better national adaptation planning processes in the future.

Pa Ousman Jarju (the LDC chair) will be chairing the event.  Refreshments will be provided.  No registration needed.

Contact person: Neha Rai,


8.15-8.30 INTRODUCTION Presenter
8.15-8.20 Overview of side event Pa Ousman Jarju, LDC chair
8.20-8.30 National Adaptation Planning Processes Thinley Namgyel
8.30-8.50 CASE STUDIES  
8.30-8.40 Government experience with mainstreaming CC into development planning Mousumi Pervin, General Economics Division, Planning Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh
8.40-8.50 Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCRs) role in supporting mainstreaming of Climate Change Neha Rai, Climate Change Researcher, IIED, London, UK
8.50-9.00 QUESTION ROUND  
Presentation by LDC country representatives on Mainstreaming Bangladesh
9.20-9.45 QUESTION ROUND  
Close By LDC chair Pa Ousman Jarju  

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