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New LDC papers on finance and technology

Two new LDC papers on issues related to the UN climate change negotiations are now online for COP 21:

  • LDC perspectives on the future of the Least Developed Countries Fund [Download the PDF]
  • Technology development and transfer, the Least Developed Countries  and the future of the climate regime: Considerations for the post-2020 international response to climate change [Download the PDF]

For all papers in the series visit the LDC paper series page.


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CTCN ‘Request Incubator Programme’ for LDCs

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is mandated by the UNFCCC to facilitate the transfer of climate technologies in developing countries at their request.

This draft concept note (PDF) proposes to provide tailored support to Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in identifying their climate technology priorities and submitting sound requests to the CTCN, in line with their national priorities. The programme will help LDCs access CTCN technical services to accelerate the diffusion of environmentally sound technologies in the countries.

The CTCN Director wants to start the programme as soon as possible (before Lima) and is waiting for requests from LDCs’ National Designated Entities (NDEs).

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